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Darling Souba Wishes to Speak to You

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What do you wish to know? I am not about to divulge sensitive information to strangers, and I have no interest in satiating your curiosity.

**!Muse AIM: Darling Souba
**!Mun AIM: oblivionfetish

Character Info:
Full name: Kadaj
Age appearance: 17
Sex: male
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 135
Hair colour: silver, shoulder length
Eye colour: cat-eyed green
Weapons: Double-bladed katana, Souba
Get up: Heavy boots; Black leather, flared at the ankles, with a black leather trench, the tails of which are buckled to his thighs to keep them out of the way while fighting
Tattoos/Markings: Identification barcode, made of glowing green Mako, on the ball of left shoulder- number is SC000666K
Family: forlorn_piety and spazoo


Barrier - Level 3
Time - Level 2
Contain - Level 2
Restore - Level 1
Lightning - Level 1

((I do not own the character of Kadaj, nor do I claim any part of him as my own. He is owned by Square-Enix, and I am using his character in an RPG. All assumptions of his character are based on the works created by Square-Enix))